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New Window in the North Aisle

New Window in the North Aisle




The new window on the North Aisle was dedicated by the Bishop of Whitby on the 26th February 2017, This window was commissioned by Maureen Whenery-Whitton. The symbolism behind the window was kindly explained to the church congregation by Mrs. Whenery-Whitton so we could enjoy its beauty even more.
The design elements from top to bottom are:

DOVE – Holy Spirit, Peace
MOON AND STARS – Heaven and the Cosmos.
LEAVES/FRUIT – The Tree of Life, the fruits of righteousness.
CROSS – Depicted at an angle representing Christ’s final journey
on earth, the carrying of the Cross to the place of the
Crucifixion, can also symbolise the trials of life and life’s
WHEAT – Bread, Body of Christ.
CHALICE/WINE -The Blood of Christ.
SPIRAL – Forces of Nature.
COG – Machinery, engineering, mans ability to create and build.
WHEEL – Creation, Eternity
BUTTERFLY – Resurrection, Spiritual journey.
VINE – Christ, I am the true Vine.
SEED – The Beginning, new life, growth. In order for a seed to bear fruit it has to die
to be transformed into the potential life it contains.

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